Extra virgin olive oil 250 ml “IGP” 12 bottles

Package including 12 bottles of superior quality extra virgin olive oil 250 ml.

Capel Venere is our extra virgin olive oil IGP Sicily obtained solely by cold mechanical processes in our oil mill located in the Montoni district in the Municipality of Cammarata.

Our extra virgin olive oil, proposed here in the pack of 12 bottles of 250 ml, is produced in one of the healthiest and most uncontaminated areas of Sicily, the Parco dei Monti Sicani which, away from sea breezes and at the right distance from the north and south coast of Sicily offers a fertile soil capable of transmitting organoleptic qualities of high value to our “Pure & Sicilian” oil.


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Do you need tailor-made supply of olive oil?

Are you interested in our superior quality Sicilian extra virgin olive oil for your business? We can supply you with monocultivar, multicultivar, IGP and organic EVO oil in customised supplies for large-scale retail trade, Ho.Re.Ca., companies and private individuals in general.


In our oil mill at the Montoni estate, in the territory of Cammarata (AG), surrounded by olive groves, we produce and sell our extra virgin olive oil 250 ml in packs of 12 bottles.

Capel Venere PGI is a pure extra virgin olive oil, a superior product of Sicily obtained directly and solely through cold mechanical processes starting from the hand harvest of our olives of the Biancolilla, Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola and Coratina cultivars, grown with the IGP and biological method.

The olives are defoliated and cleaned with continuous jets of fresh water and sent to the crushing phase with a hammer mill to form the paste which, through a pump, is poured into the ripening malaxers and then passed to the decanter press and centrifugal separator for extraction of the ‘extra virgin olive oil.

The oil is transferred into stainless steel tanks for natural decanting, ready for packaging in 250 ml bottles of extra virgin olive oil.

The bottling takes place automatically thanks to our latest generation plant.

You are buying bottles of extra virgin olive oil 250 ml in packs of 12, an intelligent solution to bring to the table an oil to season your dishes in a healthy way and able to enhance the flavors.

The 250 ml bottle of Capel Venere extra virgin olive oil can be used both for catering and for use in the kitchen. Its organoleptic qualities and sensory analyzes are of the highest level, the degree of acidity is equal to 0.2g per 100g of oleic acid and is rich in omega 3 and omega 6, polyunsaturated fats, considered essential to the human body and for healthy eating.

Famous and award-winning oil is just waiting to be brought to the table to prove its worth.

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Pack of 12 oil bottles 250ml


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