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Our superior quality, pesticide-free olive oil from Sicily is favoured for its resistance to oxidation and its rich natural flavour. The fresh green olives for our olive oil come from our own plantation of Nocellara, Coratina, Biancolilla and Cerasuola cultivars in Sicily

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    IGP and Organic

    We produce and sell premium extra virgin olive oil in the magic land of Monti Sicani, in Sicily - Italy

    Cold pressed olive oil

    Our extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed and it become oil within 24 hours from olive harvest

    Award-winning oil

    Capel Venere has been proclaimed "90's piece of Italian food and wine" by Epulae International Food and Wine Academy

    Low level acidity

    Capel Venere extra virgin olive oil has an acidity value of 0.20 gr. on 100 gr of oleic acid, best value you can have!

    A healthy and delicious tradition for olive oil from Sicily

    Olive oil is one of the most healthy and delicious foods in the world. It’s high in Omega-3s and antioxidants, has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and can even aid weight loss.

    The finest olives make for the best taste

    We maintain a centuries-old tradition of producing pure, organic extra virgin olive oil that is rich in flavor and aroma. Oleificio Trainito never uses anything but fresh green olives harvested from our own plantation right here in Sicily to ensure the highest quality!

    In our oil mill the olive harvest is traditionally carried out with the manual method. In this way we ensure the conservation of the organoleptic properties of the product which becomes premium olive oil after 24 hours.

    Why is our olive oil from Sicily one of the best?

    Our oil-grown estates are located in the “magical” area of “Monti Sicani”, this is a Nature Reserve which, thanks to its microclimate, protected from pollution and agricultural chemistry, offers an extra virgin olive oil of olive whose organoleptic qualities reflect the excellence of Sicilian oil

    Quick & easy to import our olive oil in your country

    Buy our finest extra virgin olive oil at your convenience online with your credit card or PayPal account! We offer a wide range of payment methods so you can buy what you need without having to worry about it.

    However, if you would like to import the best-quality italian extra virgin olive oil from one of the world’s most renowned producers, we are the perfect choice for you.

    A global presence for a olive oil from Sicily

    Oleificio Trainito has been able to export their precious Capel Venere extra virgin olive oils to many different countries all over the world.

    Are you interesting in Olive oil from Sicily?

    Oleificio Trainito, a centuries-old history handed down from generation to generation with this spirit: we only produce very good and pure extra virgin olive oil

    Oleificio Trainito produces and export all over the world IGP and Organic extra virgin olive oil from Sicily.

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    Capel Venere: Pure & Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

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