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If you are looking for bio oil sale from Italy, the Oleificio Trainito is the right solution for you. The Oleificio Trainito Capel Venere organic extra virgin olive oil is 100% pure and comes from the olive groves between Castronovo di Sicilia (PA) and Cammarata (AG) in the heart of Sicily – Italy

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    IGP and Organic

    We produce and sell premium extra virgin olive oil in the magic land of Monti Sicani, in Sicily - Italy

    Cold pressed olive oil

    Our extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed and it become oil within 24 hours from olive harvest

    Award-winning oil

    Capel Venere has been proclaimed "90's piece of Italian food and wine" by Epulae International Food and Wine Academy

    Low level acidity

    Capel Venere extra virgin olive oil has an acidity value of 0.20 gr. on 100 gr of oleic acid, best value you can have!

    Bio oil sale

    Bio oil sale

    In order to sell bio oil, cultivation must take place on controlled land, avoiding the use of chemical fertilisers, preferring instead natural raw materials.

    Trainito extra virgin olive oil is 100% pure and comes from the olive groves between Castronovo di Sicilia (PA) and Cammarata (AG).

    The Oleificio Trainito boasts tradition and innovation by combining love for its work and technology for state-of-the-art production systems. It has an oil mill connected to a bottling plant that produces and sells extra virgin olive oil.

    The Trainito oil mill also sells bio oil internationally. It has a section dedicated to exporting its products abroad as well.

    Capel Venere bio oil: 100% pure and naturalThe Capel Venere oil, strictly extra virgin, is produced with PGI recognised olives, fresh and at the right degree of ripeness, picked directly from the branches without damaging them.

    It is cold pressed within 24 hours, ensuring that the olives are properly cleaned of leaves and washed, from the Biancolilla, Cerasuola, Coratina and Nocellara del Belice multi-cultivar olive groves.

    Biancolilla – The Biancolilla cultivar is produced in western Sicily and takes root in arid soils. Harvesting takes place in alternate years. It is one of the oldest olive varieties. In the ripening phase, it changes from a green to a purple-red colour.

    The Biancolilla cultivar oil is considered highly prized. With a light, slightly spicy and aromatic fragrance, it is used alone or in blends to enhance all flavours. It is ideal for seasoning fish and vegetable dishes, but is also used in desserts as a good substitute for butter.

    Cerasuola – The Cerasuola cultivar, also called ogliara, is produced in the areas of Trapani, Palermo and Agrigento. It grows in poor soils and is resistant to drought the harvest is between October and December, determining its flavour. As it ripens, the olives tend to turn black or purple.

    The Cerasuola cultivar oil is considered the best-selling. It varies in characteristics according to harvest time, soil and cultivation method. The medium fruity flavour becomes more pronounced if the olive is harvested at an advanced stage of ripeness. It is ideal for seasoning meats and salads.
    CoratinaThe Coratina cultivar is produced throughout Sicily, but also in other regions of southern Italy, mainly in Apulia. It adapts to any type of soil. Harvesting takes place between November and mid-December. The olive changes from a yellow to a purplish black colour.

    The Coratina cultivar oil is especially popular to reinforce more delicate oils, because it is characterised by a strong and vigorous flavour. It is excellent for health foods.

    Nocellara del BeliceThe Nocellara del Belice cultivar is mainly produced in the Trapani area and is one of the most esteemed varieties in Sicily. It grows very easily on various soils and is excellent for producing both extra virgin olive oil and edible consumption. Harvesting takes place late in the season and the ripening fruit turns violet.

    The Nocellara cultivar oil has a fruity flavour of medium intensity and is ideal both when cooked and raw. Due to its high polyphenol content, this oil is indicated in preventive diets against cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

    In order to go on sale, Sicilian bio olive oil ‘Capel Venere’ was subjected to the test report of the Sicilian Region – Regional Institute of Wine and Oil, which defines it as a balanced oil characterised by medium green fruitiness, medium bitterness and medium pungency.

    The Trainito company’s extra virgin olive oil was proclaimed ‘Piece de 90 dell’Enogastronomia italiana’ by Epulae International Enogastronomic Academy.

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    Oleificio Trainito, a centuries-old history handed down from generation to generation with this spirit: we only produce very good and pure extra virgin olive oil

    If you are looking for bio oil sale from italy Oleificio Trainito is an Italian leading producer of high quality organic extra virgin olive oil.

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    Capel Venere: Pure & Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

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