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For over three centuries, Oleificio Trainito has been producing high-quality Italian olive oil in the area of Monti Sicani, Sicily. We are one of the best producer of this type of extra virgin olive oil in the area and are committed to maintaining our production standards and traditions with such pride.Oleificio Trainito origins date back more than three centuries ago to 1720 and offer italian olive oil from one of the bast place in Sicily – Italy

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    IGP and Organic

    We produce and sell premium extra virgin olive oil in the magic land of Monti Sicani, in Sicily - Italy

    Cold pressed olive oil

    Our extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed and it become oil within 24 hours from olive harvest

    Award-winning oil

    Capel Venere has been proclaimed "90's piece of Italian food and wine" by Epulae International Food and Wine Academy

    Low level acidity

    Capel Venere extra virgin olive oil has an acidity value of 0.20 gr. on 100 gr of oleic acid, best value you can have!

    Italian olive oil

    Italian olive oil directly from the producer

    Oleificio Trainito is a family-run business that has been producing high quality extra virgin olive oil for more than three centuries.

    Exclusive access to the best olive oil of Italy

    We are a small company with a large variety of Italian extra virgin olive oils, all made in Sicily and with a rich history.

    Only natural, authentic ingredients

    All of our products do not contain artificial additives or preservatives and in-fact no olives are ever heated to extract the oil. This can be attributed to the fact that we use a unique cold extraction process, which is what gives our product its unique taste as well as nutritional profile.

    Fast delivery and great customer service

    Our products are always delivered in a few days from order date, anywhere in the world. We also offer personalized customer service so you can be sure we are always available for you.

    Proud tradition for italian olive oil

    We produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil in the Sicilian area of “Monti Sicani”, a region that has been producing quality olives for more than 2000 years.

    Italians know best

    We are the ideal supplier for importing high quality italian extra virgin olive oil to your country.

    Only premium quality

    We are the ideal supplier for importing high quality italian extra virgin olive oil to your country. 100% extra virgin olive oil from Italy

    Italian olive oil

    If you are wondering whether it is possible to buy good Italian olive oil directly from the producer, Oleificio Trainito, located in the province of Agrigento and precisely in Cammarata, is the place for you. For generations, the Trainito family has been dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and the production of good Sicilian olive oil, which is also suitable for import into their own country. Let us briefly examine its characteristics.

    Olio Capel Venere: an high quality Italian olive oil

    The good Sicilian Capelvenere extra virgin olive oil comes from the olive groves in the hilly area between Castronovo di Sicilia (PA) and Cammarata (AG). The area’s mild temperatures favour the life and productivity of the plants, and the distance from the coastal strip to the north and south protects the olive groves from the hot Sirocco wind and cold northern winds. Capel Venere is an organic Italian olive oil with PGI Sicily designation, from Oleificio Trainito, cold-pressed from the multicultivars Biancolilla, Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola and Coratina. Each of these olive qualities has different characteristics, including morphological ones, that give Capel Venere extra virgin olive oil unique organoleptic and nutritional aspects. The four types of oil are named after the cultivars just mentioned. In particular, Cerasuola olive oil, which is used for all kinds of food, both raw and cooked, is very popular with the public.

    Why Capel Venere etra virgin olive oil Oil is so famous

    Capel Venere extra virgin olive oil is used not only in the different provinces of Sicily, but also in the northern regions and in typical northern dishes, such as the famous lasagne alla Bolognese: it is therefore imported within Italy itself, which adds to the prestige of this excellent extra virgin olive oil. Its importance is also enhanced by authoritative awards, such as that conferred by the International Wine and Food Academy.

    The credit for the fame of Capel Venere olive oil also and above all goes to the area where it is located: an area preserved from pollution, characterised by its fertile soil and special microclimate. All these characteristics have given the olives of this area a value that has lasted for thousands of years and has always attracted people from all over the Mediterranean.

    Are you interesting in Italian olive oil?

    Oleificio Trainito, a centuries-old history handed down from generation to generation with this spirit: we only produce very good and pure extra virgin olive oil

    Oleificio Trainito has been producing high-quality Italian olive oil in the area of Monti Sicani, Sicily. We are one of the best producer

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    Capel Venere: Pure & Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

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