Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, IGP and organic

olio extravergine di oliva siciliano - Oleificio Trainito

From an oil mill in Sicily with a history spanning three centuries...

The IGP and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Oleificio Trainito

The Trainito family sinks their peasant origins in the Regalsciacca estate starting from 1720. The four Trainito brothers devoted themselves to the cultivation of olives and durum wheat, in that extended estate in one of the most uncontaminated corners of Sicily, within the Regional Park of the Sicani Mountains, Francesco Salvatore, Filippo and Gaetano settled for the cultivation of the olive tree and to make good Sicilian extra virgin olive oil from those ancient trees that still today attract connoisseurs

The production of Sicilian igp and organic "Capel Venere" extra virgin olive oil

From the olive harvest to the processing and bottling of extra virgin olive oil in our Sicilian oil mill, as the our family, since 1720

Harvesting by hand

The olive harvest is traditionally carried out with the manual method to ensure the conservation of the organoleptic properties of the product which becomes oil after 24 hours.

Defoliation and washing

The olives delivered to the mill come appropriately subjected to defoliation and washing with fresh running water e sent to crushing by means of a knife mill

produzione dell'olio extra vergine d'oliva

The crushing

The crushing takes place by means of a knife mill to form the paste which, through a pump, is poured into the maturation malaxers and to processing following separation of water from extra virgin olive oil

separazione dell'acqua dall'olio extravergine d'oliva

Oil/Water separation

Passage to the pasta decanter and start to the centrifugal separator, where the separation of the oil from the water by centrifugation takes place

Oil bottling

After storage in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature of 16/18 ° C and protected from oxidation with inert nitrogen gas, it is bottled in Doric glass and Aluminium canister

Our oil-grown estates are located in the Monti Sicani Nature Reserve which, thanks to its microclimate, protected from pollution and agricultural chemistry, offers an extra virgin olive oil of olive whose organoleptic qualities reflect the excellence of Sicilian oil

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The real Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

The oil: value, purity, physical quality chemical and organoleptic.

The Sicilian extra virgin olive oil “Capel Venere” was subjected to the test report and careful analysis by the laboratory of the Sicilian Region – Regional Institute of Wine and Oil – with which the oleic acid in the measure gr 0 was determined , 20/100 compared to the maximum value of 2.5 required by current legislation.

The peroxide value found corresponds to meq / kg 1.6 compared to 7meq / kg. The excellent quality of the oil emerges from the results of the UV spectrophotometric analysis K232 – 1.85, K268 – 0.12, lower than the oxidation and storage data, as the product obtained comes from healthy olives and from a successful kneading. in optimal conditions with phenols mg / kg 280.

The polyphenols found are a class of compounds that give the oil stability, nutritional, health and sensorial qualities.

The organoleptic evaluation was detected by the tasting committee with report number 2 of 8 January 2021 with which they define the balanced oil characterized by medium green fruity, medium bitterness and medium spicy

An award-winning Sicilian oil

The extra virgin olive oil of the Salvatore Trainito di Castronovo di Sicilia oil company has been proclaimed "90's piece of Italian food and wine" by Epulae International Food and Wine Academy

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