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If you are looking for Olive oil from italy best, you are on the right website. Oleificio Trainito has been producing and exporting Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Sicily since 1971. This is a time-honored product of Sicily, and its production is protected by the law. Oleificio Trainito is committed to quality and has never failed any of its customers in this regard.

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    IGP and Organic

    We produce and sell premium extra virgin olive oil in the magic land of Monti Sicani, in Sicily - Italy

    Cold pressed olive oil

    Our extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed and it become oil within 24 hours from olive harvest

    Award-winning oil

    Capel Venere has been proclaimed "90's piece of Italian food and wine" by Epulae International Food and Wine Academy

    Low level acidity

    Capel Venere extra virgin olive oil has an acidity value of 0.20 gr. on 100 gr of oleic acid, best value you can have!

    Olive oil from italy best

    Extra virgin olive oil from italy best

    Oleificio Trainito, founded in 1971 (but its origins date back more than three centuries ago to 1720), has always been aware of its responsibility for the protection and enhancement of this cultural heritage. It recognizes that it has a responsibility in the selection of raw materials with respect to environment, health and quality parameters that guarantee consumer satisfaction.

    Best quality olive oil

    Oleificio Trainito is a family-owned company, which has been producing Extra virgin olive oil since 1971. We have invested in quality and sustainability, to achieve the best product. You will not find any imported oils here… only “Pure & Sicilian” extra virgin olive oil!

    We produce from monocultivar and multicultivar crops, guaranteeing an extraordinary taste with every drop of our high quality olive oil.

    About Oleificio Trainito

    Oleificio Trainito is a company based in Sicily – Italy, that produces and exports Extra virgin olive oil, it has a dedicated production plant in Cammarata in the heart of one of the most beautiful isle of mediterraean see that processes one of the best extra virgin olive oil in Italy.

    What’s so special about our Olive Oil?

    We dedicate all of our efforts to preserving the rich tradition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicilian crops, while at the same time respecting the contemporary dietary trends. Oleificio Trainito is committed to organic farming and processing methods.

    Capel Venere is the name of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Capel Venere is a premium extra virgin olive oil that possesses all of the qualities required for its classification as pure and Sicilian. It is extracted from cultivars Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla, Coratina and Cerasuola with cold pressing, natural filtering, and produced entirely by mechanical means with no added colors or artificial substances.

    Best Italian olive oil

    Are you looking for one of the best Italian extra virgin olive oils?
    Oleifico Trainito has been able to establish itself on the Italian and foreign markets, offering one of the best productions of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

    The company harvests and processes the best olive cultivars in Sicily.
    Specifically, originating from the Sicani Mountains Reserve, this oil is completely natural and organic, produced by cold pressing the fruit of the best olive trees in the area.

    The products

    The production derives entirely from the indigenous and PGI-registered multicultivar varieties: Biancolilla, Cerasuola, Coratina and Nocellara del Belice.

    The result of their pressing, which takes place approximately 24 hours after the olives are picked, gives rise to high quality extra virgin olive oils, each one different from the other, both in terms of denomination and organoleptic characteristics:

    • extra virgin oil from the Biancolilla cultivar (organic and IGP)
    • Sicilian oil from the Nocellara del Belice cultivar (organic and IGP)
    • Extra Virgin olive oil from multicultivar (organic and IGP)

    In fact, each of these oils has a different use on our tables, depending on its composition. Extra virgin oil from the Biancolilla cultivar for example, compared to the other three types, is widely used not only as a condiment for the best traditional dishes, but also in their preparation.

    In detail, thanks to its unique characteristics, it is often used in the preparation of desserts, as it can well replace butter and seed oil.

    The Trainito company produces one of the best Italian olive oils

    For all those who want to buy and import one of the best Italian olive oils, the company provides both retail and wholesale.
    Oleificio Trainito also assists all businesses that need ready-to-use bulk oil, meeting all consumer needs. The sale of quality olive oil through b2b channels is one of the strengths of our oil mill.

    We aim to be one of the best producers of extra virgin olive oil in Sicily thanks to our dedication to our work and the quality of our oils. In recent years, we have focused not only on their marketing and diffusion in Italy and abroad, to make our excellent olive oil known throughout the world

    Are you interesting in Olive oil from italy best?

    Oleificio Trainito, a centuries-old history handed down from generation to generation with this spirit: we only produce very good and pure extra virgin olive oil

    Are you looking for olive oil from italy best? The oil mill Trainito produces and sells all over in the world premium extra virgin olive oil.

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    Capel Venere: Pure & Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

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