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Oleificio Trainito since 1971 produces premium olive oil and exports it from Sicily to the world.
Capel Venere is our 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, healthy for their taste, this olive oil is also rich in antioxidants and Omega 3 that provide a range of health benefits.

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    IGP and Organic

    We produce and sell premium extra virgin olive oil in the magic land of Monti Sicani, in Sicily - Italy

    Cold pressed olive oil

    Our extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed and it become oil within 24 hours from olive harvest

    Award-winning oil

    Capel Venere has been proclaimed "90's piece of Italian food and wine" by Epulae International Food and Wine Academy

    Low level acidity

    Capel Venere extra virgin olive oil has an acidity value of 0.20 gr. on 100 gr of oleic acid, best value you can have!

    extra virgin olive oil from italy

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy

    We make our extra virgin olive oil with care and dedication to ensure a pure and authentic taste. We’ve been doing it for over 40 years, in the same place and with the same methods.

    Whether you’re looking for a delicate flavor or a more intense one, we have the perfect oil for you.

    Certified quality

    Our Extra virgin olive oil from Italy “Capel Venere” are certified by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. They are 100% pure because they do not contain any additives or other ingredients that may alter their quality. Our olive oil is certified “IGP” and Organic

    Authenticity guaranteed

    We have complete traceability of all our products, from olives to bottles.

    About Oleificio Trainito and Capel Venere extra virgin olive oil

    Capel Venere is one of the best olive oil from Sicily and recently has been proclaimed “90’s piece of Italian food and wine” by Epulae International Food and Wine Academy. Oleificio Trainito is an oil mill located in Sicily that was founded in 1971, produces and exports this high-quality extra virgin olive oil to the world.

    Traditional harvesting methods

    Oleificio Trainito uses traditional methods during the harvest to produce only high-quality and authentic Italian olive oil. This means when you get your hands on this premium product, you can feel good about it!

    It’s 100% pure and natural

    Capel Venere is made using only olives from cultivar Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola, Biancolilla and Coratina that are sourced locally in the magical area of natural park of “Monti Sicani”. When we say “all natural”, we mean it – there’s nothing artificial added to this oil!

    An exclusive italian taste

    Unparalleled quality at a fair price

    Capel Venere is an high-quality product of Oleificio Trainito, in contact with nature, respecting the cultivation cycles and harvesting methods inherited from antiquity. It is absolutely pure, cold-pressed and bottled in small artisan batches to preserve its properties.

    Are you interesting in extra virgin olive oil from italy?

    Oleificio Trainito, a centuries-old history handed down from generation to generation with this spirit: we only produce very good and pure extra virgin olive oil

    Extra Virgin olive oil from Italy? You are on the right website! We produce extra virgin olive oil in the magical area of ​​”Monti Sicani” in Sicily.

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    Capel Venere: Pure & Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

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