The Trainito family and its oil mill in Agrigento (Cammarata)

The Trainito family, which has its peasant origins in the Regalsciacca estate since 1720, founded the oil mill of the same name in the province of Agrigento and more precisely in Cammarata, in the vast territory that it hosts and gives rise to the Platani river, in the context of the natural reserve of the Sicani Mountains.

Oleificio Agrigento - famiglia trainito

Oleificio Agrigento - Trained family Oleificio Trainito in the municipality of di Cammarata, Agrigento

The Trainito family has its peasant origins in the Regalsciacca estate since 1720 and has always been dedicated to the cultivation of olives and durum wheat.

It is in that extensive estate of Regalsciacca that, at that time, the four brothers Trainito Francesco, Salvatore, Filippo and Gaetano in about 1720 settled for the cultivation of the olive tree and to make good oil from those centuries-old trees, which still attract connoisseurs.

The modern oil mill in Agrigento (more precisely located in the municipality of Cammarata) is today a flagship in the production of true Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.

Tenuta Regalsciacca has numerous and majestic olive trees that dominate the valley and the plains, lapped by the River Platani and Morello.

It has always been known in the area that the best oil was produced from the olives of that district. Over time, the Trainito family bought the Grotte Capelvenere estates in the 1950s, which gave rise to the company name and the oil brand.

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produzione olio extravergine di oliva in stabilimento

The Grotte Capelvenere Agricultural Company and the Trainito Oil Mill in Cammarata (AG)

Since 1971 the passion for the cultivation of the olive tree and for the training of legal-economic activities does not forget what he learned from the stories of the experiences of his grandfather Francesco and uncle Salvatore and his father Gaetano starts the establishment of the farm, to which he gives the name: Azienda Agricola Grotte Capel Venere engaging in the cultivation of olive groves, to conserve and preserve the value of the oil, the health properties of the plants that those lands give, as well as perform a careful pruning and harvest at the right time of the “veraison”, which is the change in the color of the fruit, which determines its quality of it and consequently with the extraction also the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

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