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Sale of extra virgin olive oil from biancolilla, nocellara del belice, cerasuola and coratina multivarietal cultivars

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The Oleificio Trainito deals in complete autonomy of production and sale of Sicilian PGI and organic extra virgin olive oil from Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola, Biancolilla and Coratina cultivars

vendita online olio extravergine di oliva siciliano biologico igp

Production and sale of extra virgin olive oil, igp and organic, Pure & Sicilian!

Our Sicilian oil mill has a state-of-the-art establishment in which, after the strictly hand-made olive harvest, bottling of high quality PGI and organic extra virgin olive oil is achieved within 24 hours.

The organoleptic and laboratory analyzes confirm the high level of the Capel Venere Extra Virgin Olive Oil, of which the Oleificio Trainito follows every step of the production up to the online sale.

The sale of extra virgin olive oil is carried out in the company, through the commercial channels of large-scale distribution and GDO, or online on our e-commerce website in bottle formats of 250, 500 and 750 ml or in convenient 3 and 5 cans. liters.

The online sale of “Capel Venere” extra virgin olive oil is currently based on an IGP production from organic multivarietal crops Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola, Coratina and Biancolilla.

From the production to the sale of extra virgin olive oil, even online.

We are a Sicilian oil mill that collects and carries on the tradition and love for the olive tree. Tens of thousands of olive trees allow us to produce and bottle a superior IGP and (soon) Organic extra virgin olive oil in our factory in Castronovo di Sicilia in Sicily – Italy

The sale of Capel Venere extra virgin olive oil takes place both in our factory and online on this website.

Buying our Sicilian PGI extra virgin olive oil is very simple: from this page you just need to select the product and add it to your cart. The checkout procedure is quick and you will have the option to pay by bank transfer or credit card. Shipping is fast and in a very short time you will have on your table a superior quality extra virgin olive oil that you will no longer be able to do without!

We cultivate organic olive groves that allow us to sell superior quality Sicilian IGP extra virgin olive oil

The company olive groves extend over a hilly area between 500/600 meters above sea level in the territory of the Municipality of Castronovo di Sicilia (PA) and the Municipality of Cammarata (AG), entire area of Sicily declared PGI (protected geographical indication) cultivation takes place organically, applying the traditional method of agricultural management from pruning to harvesting.

The mild temperatures in the various seasons of the territory favor the vegetation and the productivity of the plants.

The equal distance of the estates from the southern and northern coast of Sicily protects them from the hot sirocco winds and cold north winds.

Careful pruning, profitable cultivation and harvesting at the right time, when the veraison changes the color of the fruit, determine the quality of the good and healthy olives, while the formation of phenolic substances and the low acidity of the oil enhance it. the qualitative aspect: “intact, pure and Sicilian fragrant oil with great health properties for man and his health”.

In addition to the majestic centuries-old trees, witnesses of the past, the cultivars: biancolilla, nocellara make up the company olive grove. cerasuola and coratina. The oil is cold pressed, in the company’s own oil mill, within 24 hours of harvesting

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