The Grotte Agricultural Company is an oil mill in Sicily

Our oil mill in Sicily with an adjoining bottling plant is subject to IGP quality certification, while the crops from which our olives derive are recognized IGP and organic. In this way we are able to produce the good Sicilian extra virgin olive oil "Capel Venere"

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The oil mill in Sicily of the Grotte Capel Venere farm

Our oil mill in Sicily can boast a state-of-the-art facility within which there is a bottling plant subject to the important IGP quality certification.

The oil mill of the Grotte Capel Venere farm was built on the Montoni estate in the Cammarata area surrounded by olive groves, in one of the most beautiful corners of Sicily and processing takes place with an accurate cold procedure as handed down from previous generations.

The olives are defoliated and cleaned with continuous jets of fresh drinking water, a fundamental aspect that contributes to raising the quality of the final product.

Subsequently the production continues with the crushing process with a hammer mill that allows to form the paste that through a pump is reserved in the maturation malaxers and then finally passes to the decanter press and to the centrifugal separator for oil extraction.

The oil produced is transferred, again inside our oil mill, through a direct line of hermetic steel pipes, into stainless steel tanks for natural decantation, ready for packaging in glass and in cans of different sizes.

The Trainito Oil Mill of the Grotte Capelvenere Agricultural Company is a "different" oil mill because it has a centuries-old history handed down from generation to generation.

olio extravergine di oliva siciliano - Oleificio Trainito
produzione olio extravergine di oliva in stabilimento

An oil mill in Sicily that comes from the tradition of the Trainito family

The Trainito family runs its own oil mill in Sicily with the awareness that the production of good extra virgin olive oil it can only be the final result of an act that starts from afar… very far away.

The oil mill began its activity in 1972 thanks to the Agrcola Grotte di Trainito Salvatore company, but the peasant origins of this family date back to three centuries earlier when, in 1720, the four brothers Francesco, Salvatore, Filippo and Gaetano began to devote themselves to cultivation of olives and durum wheat in the same extensive estate of Regalsciacca which, even today, boasts centuries-old olive groves that attract Sicilian connoisseurs and not only good extra virgin olive oil.

Today as then we preserve and preserve the culture of good Sicilian oil

Today the Grotte Capel Venere Agricultural Company is as always engaged in the cultivation of olive groves, and aims to preserve and preserve the value of good Sicilian oil as only an oil mill in Sicily rich in tradition and knowledge of their lands can give.

The production in the oil mill is substantially oriented to “Capel Venere” our PGI and organic extra virgin olive oil, it is an oil that, for organoleptic qualities and laboratory analysis, is placed at a higher product level that stands out in the production landscape typical among the oil mills of Sicily.

Strictly extra virgin IGP olive oil, it is cold extracted from our multicultivar (or multivarietal) olive groves of the Biancolilla, Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola and Coratina qualities.

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